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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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around here we are looking at snow across the area. the snow in the backyard will have up to a foot expected over the front range, and near blizzard conditions on the plains. and not looking great on the side streets or the interstate. i will have a live look at the roads coming up. and as that snow continues to fall across the metro area, it certainly is making for dicey driving conditions, and i he show you what to expect as you head out the door. we have seen nearly whiteout conditions most of the night. nearly 120 closings and delays right now, and we are getting
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including big closure for big districts, denver, adams 512 littleton schools, and du boulder also closed today. we will go right no meteorologist marty coniglio. >> reporter: more than a foot in lewisville, and d.i.a., more than 7 inches overnight. these preliminary, and there's a lot more snow than that. we are starting to see the snow decrease in northern colorado, and it is shifting into the midwest, and they have warnings from northwest kansas to the north western sections of iowa. this is a were intense storm. we have a winter storm warning here, and there's residual snow here. i think the heaviest snow totals will be on the plains
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miles an hour. this is the worst weather across the area today. an inch or two additional snow here, slightly higher amounts to the east, and hutch heavier into kansas. the storm wrapping up, and we are kind of in the worst part of it. now we have the most accumulation on the ground. >> we definitely do, marty. that as caused, i would assume, the delays across the highway drive. we kick off our report with the live view of i-70 in havana. this is behind a crash blocking the right lane and right shoulder this is westbound as you come into the stapleton and central park areas, and you're pushing closer to 270, and i anticipate the delays of 25 to 30 minutes headed in from areas like shame pers or from the further east side like d.i.a. we will see slowdowns in the opposing lanes because of curiosity with the flashing light in the darkness. an additional crash in another part of town, nearby central
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the travel times now are really building up. we also have several significant closures. the full list is up on twitter. we are sending out our 9 news push alerts, and that will help you navigate your drive this morning. the 6th avenue travel time, building quickly. they are happen definitely during the 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 hours. now we will head out west to tarhonda thomas. >> reporter: i-25 is what everyone wants to know. you take the interstate if you have to get to work today, and this is what it looks like. snow-packed lanes, and i'm being generous saying lanes. you cannot see the lanes here. the cars seem to be moving at a good speed. the cdot crew just passed by, and they have been working for storm. we know that's their strategy. the denver public works crews roads, too. and check out how deep the snow is here. they have been plowing the major roads as well as the
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two plow trucks in my neighborhood yesterday, however, despite their best efforts, it's just hard to get through the snow. i mean, look how deep it is, coming up to my chin here this is what you will wake up to here this morning i went out in my own front yard this morning, call it brave or ahead of the curve or crazy, but it's going to be hard doing it. i did it at 2:00 this morning when you get out, just know you will be dealing with deep snow, shoveling, walking through it, or trying to drive-through it. we will bring you live updates all morning long. for now, we will toss to my colleague noah brennan. >> reporter: you were talking about the snow, and i'm here at speer and logan, and earlier there was a crew shoveling off the entire patio this is
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i want to look at spear boulevard. you see a closer look here this is entirely snow packed right now, and underneath that, you can imagine there's probably a layer ofitis. this is what the snow looks like across the streets of denver this is 17th and arapahoe. the snow was coming down pretty hard when i was out there overnight, and a lot of cars had to go extremely slow, and denver public works were out there, and they were plowing, and that's the main streets as tahronda was talking about, but the residential streets will be tough getting out on this morning. the residential plows are are not making passes on the streets. they were on stand by last night, and we have not heard if they are out hitting the residential areas. if you're headed out in your neighborhood this morning, be prepared for dealing with a lot of snow, and thankfully though, some of the main streets are a
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but no matter where you're going, slow go, guys. >> it sure is, noel, thank you. 120 flight have been canceled at dia this morning. yesterday morning, 530 were canceled. this is a live look at dia. crews are working to get the runways clear. i promise it's dia there with the snow and the wind. as always, you want to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. check with the airlines about any status changes. did you note airport has 250 pieces of snow removal equipment on the tarmac alone? we are in touch with airport officials this morning, and we will bring you the latest on cancellations and delays. the city is on a delay. we have 362 delays and closings this morning, and boulder valley, aurora public schools dps, cherry creek,
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cu, boulder, and du also have no class today, and that's just to name a few. we have all of these on the 9 news app and on, and you can find the latest on the radar images on the snowstorm as well. all right, corey, thank you so much. how much snow did you get at your house? we want to see your kids and your pets. here's the photos we have gotten so far. share your pictures with us with #9wx. one of my favorites, the little kitty right there looking outside this morning. with all the major districts closed in the area this may be the patio furniture, marty, this does show the depth of the snow in the metro area, and we have gotten a lot, as you say. who knows! >> i like that. >> and this is just an easy, safe way to do it look out the patio, and go click. you don't have to got cold.
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48 hours, 19 inches of snow for vail. beaver creek has top 300 inches of snow for the season this is northern colorado, and you can see it is building in. we saw decent snow around here, and that's why it's still growing around here, but again in northern colorado, starting to fall apart, and you can see the snow eroding from north to south, and the last place it's going to leave will be the eastern most counties in colorado, and again, lighter snow during the noon hour, and clearing a bit during the afternoon, and that's up north and an inch or two up here, slightly higher amounts for the foothills, and down to the plains we go with 2-5 inches for snow around watkins to
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this morning from the broncos' team hotel in santa clara, california, not all the broncos' essential personnel is here yet. thunder the horse has been delayed because of the snowstorm in colorado. they had to road trip, bringing him in a horse trailer, and it's been hard to maneuver through the snow and ice. >> it takes a lot of equipment. it's like having a child. >> reporter: sharon is the owner, and she said they had no choice but to road trip this time around. the trip was slow because of i- 80 being closed in wyoming because of the blowing snow and ice. they lost almost a full day's travel time. they really want to get out here so thunder can rest up at a stable outside of san francisco and then get on to the field, so thunder can run around a bit, get acclimated to
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ready for game day. corey? greg? gary? >> thunder has to make it through the snowstorm because a game would not be a game without thunder the horse. >> absolutely. >> they could probably just ride thunder quicker out there than they could on the interstate the way the snow is coming down. >> reporter: right? yeah. the hooves may be more reliable than the tires. 5:40 right now this is is a live look at the conditions on interstate 25, i-25 at 50th avenue, and it looks like a little spinout there. i think that will be the scene we will see throughout the morning. it's very, very snow-packed, icy in spots, and cdot works to try to clear the roads. >> we will talk to amy ford from cdot on the roads right now. good morning. you a lot of crews out there, and they have been working 12- hour shifts for the last couple of days?
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i guess you could count yesterday as prep for what was yet to come. it's been a big storm. as we look at the eastern plains, significant closures out there. >> we have seen a lot of plows out there this morning. one net thing you this year, amy, all snowplows have gps in their vehicles. >> reporter: they do. people look at the new maps that we just put on the website, and they will be able to see where our plows are, and those roads, for instance, that i mentioned are closed on the eastern plains, there's plows on the roads right now. when we shut down and ask people to stay safe, our guys go out to try to get the roads ready for people to travel. >> all right, we will check back with you probably
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all right, welcome back. this is a live look at d.i.a. this morning. they have had some flight delays or canceled out there.
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really, it's not too bad out there, we don't think, ask maybe the roads in and out are a little snow packed and icy, but as far as the runways are concerned, we are going to get an update on that from colleen ferreira in a bit. it was a close race in iowa. hillary clinton was declare the percentage point. each will get 20 delegates each, and ted cruz was declared the winner on the republican side, and he was declared the biggest winner ever in iowa history. donald trump was second, barely ahead of marco rubio. we look ahead to what the iowa the colorado voters. >> reporter: you want to sum up the iowa caucus in a word?
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you can say that about both sides but particularly the democratic side. we will focus on that first because colorado could very much play a role in influencing who the eventually nominee is. bernie sanders womaning out with a virtual tie sets him up as a credible candidate with hillary clinton who is behind bernie sanders in state number two, new hampshire. that sets up important fights in south carolina and then colorado is next. republicans will caucus march 1st, choosing delegates to go toe the county conventions and state conventions, and then the republican convention in july, but they will not announce a winner. on the republican side of the ledger, three viable candidates that all came swinging out of iowa, saying they had an
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marco rubio beating expectations in third place, and then ted cruz in 1st and donald trump in 2nd place. both votes commanding a healthy chunk of the party. we did see the field narrow in iowa right after the results started to come in martin o'mall lee dropping out on the democratic side, huckabee dropping out on the republican side, and over the next month, we could see the field on the gop side narrow by more. in des moines, brandon rittiman. >> thank you, brandon. we will check in with marty and amelia to see how things are moving on or maybe not. >> reporter: i want to pass this on. it's great news for the colorado city resorts. these are the snow totals we have gotten. they may get better today. we will talk about 2-3 feet of snow. that's what was forecasted for the mountain areas. light snow for meeker, and up
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have snow here, and down through the denver area, cloudy right now in fort collins and greenly. i think the biggest issue is the winds. the winds 35 to 50 miles an hour on the plains during the day today. additional snow 2-5, out to burlington. heavier as you get into north western kansas, and even heavier moving up into nebraska and iowa as the storm spreads to the north and east, and i would say, amelia, it's tough around town, but you can't go in colorado on the highways. >> we have closures on 76. highway 86, and we will look at the closures in a minute. we will actually throw in good news here, and i-70 is all clear after the earlier westbound crash at havana that
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speeds are back to normal. we take a look here, and the area north of 50th, light delays because of the truck that spun right out. the car is perpendicular to traffic. the crash cleared there, and looking good. travel times on 225, almost up
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all right, it's 5:50 right now, and a live look outside at i-70, and traffic is starting to pick up a bit, but it's a slow go wherever you are headed throughout the metro area this morning, and we have a lot of road closure on the eastern plains, and we will check with amelia in a minute. you can check out to see where the plows are. don't pass them. it's a realtime app. it's really cool.
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>> almost 500 closures and delays listed now on we are scrolling many of them on the bottom of the screen. all the major school district in the denver metro area are closed, and the eastern plain schools are almost all closed, and colleges, du and cu boulder are closed today: we have not hear from csu or umc. we will keep you upto date as we get more information. marty, this is moving out soon, right? >> i'm hopeful that soon means lunchtime, so yeah, soon. we are seeing it erode in northern colorado. the snow moving down through boulder county, and still snowing lightly around here, and we are up by 8 inches by the way in the backyard. the winter storm warning canceling here before noon, and it will be intense over the plains. blizzard warnings from kansas into eastern nebraska and iowa.
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east today, i think you will have a hard time doing that. 76 and 70 are closed, and you couldn't go on i-80 in nebraska anyway. 20s over the plains, and as gary said, ending soon. during the morning, light snow here, early afternoon, we will see the skies clear, and shortly after sunset, you can see the stars around here this evening. >> 20s for the high, and teens, 20s in the foothills, and big facing slopes. an inch or two in the mountains, and an inch or two in the mountains, and an inch of snow here, and pretty much northern colorado, and from inches of snow. to the state line out into kansas, heavier amounts. snow showers on the ridge lines, 20s and low 30s around here. an inch or two this morning, cloudy but dry this afternoon.
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20s today, and single digits tonight. a cool day tomorrow, and cool on thursday, and a couple of flurries on friday. really don't anticipate an accumulation of snow on friday, but it may freak you out with the snow like around in -- flying around in the morning. amelia, this is drive that people just dread. >> an audio book or podcast, that's good to take your mind off of it. drivers got up early, set their alarm, and they said we know it will be tough, and it's slow go. at least they are safe for now. a couple of spinouts, crashes, and the major closures are all weather replated. highway 86 as well as your 287 drive up to the north. 270 to i-710, and metrowide, i'm surprised here.
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speeds up north, southbound, 25. averaging 32 miles an hour. the truck just whipped around, and it's now perpendicular to traffic. here's a list of the closures i just mentioned for the eastern plains and beyond.
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winter weather is still here this is a live look at downtown denver. yes, that's downtown.
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>> there's a skyline back here, and the interstate to the bottom right hand side of your screen. >> traffic is moving. >> kind of. >> but not very fast. you don't want to go very fast today. >> snow packed and icy out there and we will get you through the commute coming up in just a bit. we will talk to amelia in detail about the traffic on i- 25 at arapahoe right there. you can see it out there. we are in the snowy backyard right now. >> today,. >> i'm nervous. >> this is the official count from the 9 news total. >> the deck, the official count there. >> it's right there. >> what are you saying this? >> it's failed! [ laughter ] >> oh! >> now i have got 8 inches. >> okay. >> that's a lot of snow! >> i have a lot of snow. >> we do have a lot of school closures we want to mention this morning. cu, du, most of the major
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little wood. terry creek, all are on the bottom of the screen. >> yeah, and add in the eastern plains, too. [ laughter ] >> there's a lot of them. 375 closures and delays this morning, and they are also on
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